Our Story

About BWG Talent

We are a full lifecycle recruiting agency, servicing the hiring needs of eCommerce, Tech, Media, Telecom and more. We source and deliver candidates from marketplace management to CTV advertising. Sourcing from the right search criteria is what we excel in.


Imagine needing external help hiring your next CMO, COO or VP of Sales. Instead of relying on one recruiter’s network to source your next role, you can leverage an entire community. We have the most connected leaders and subject matter experts, who have an exact pulse on who in their network needs a change, and who is a fit based on real experience and connection. We put the power of placement in the hands of those who intimately understand the role & have the network to find them.

Our Story

BWG Talent was formed on the belief of connectivity. Our Founders have 30+ years of professional experience across recruiting, building / maintaining relationships & creating networking opportunities for the subject matter experts within our community. BWG’s established & growing network of 125,000+ professionals is the perfect foundation for connecting high quality candidates with new opportunities at companies of all sizes. As we continue to scale, the demand for networking, job search & talent acquisition has grown in parallel with the size of our community.

Our Vision

Helping candidates and companies excel through trusted relationships.

Our Mission

Create a seamless hiring experience by putting the right people in the right places, setting everyone up for mutual success.

BWG Talent understands your hiring needs